Baby steps ……

Luckily (for me) Semester hasn’t started yet as I’m still plodding through the Orientation and Week 1 Learning Paths!  To be honest, the language seems almost completely foreign to me and I really feel like I should be back in Kindergarten.

I work best when I can align myself to a set of procedures that need to be carried out and marked off against a checklist.  I realise we do have this to some extent and the Moodle book for setting up our digital tools has been invaluable to me because I have been able to follow the list of instructions.  I’m really hoping that once we start the Semester I will somehow be able to functionally use these tools and develop a better understanding of how I might apply them in the Special Education context.


It’s all new to me!!

Well this certainly seems like I will be travelling on an exciting and steep learning curve over the upcoming weeks and I’m very grateful to have you share this with me.

I’m actually quite looking forward to learning how to make the classroom environment more conducive and stimulating for 21st century learners and in particular, for my context in special education.  When presented with the challenge of creating a WebQuest for EDX3280, I didn’t think I would be able to succeed but thankfully with supportive lecturers and peers, I found and developed ICT skills I didn’t know were possible (in me), so I am really looking forward to building on this and taking these skills further in this course, EDC3100.  The true test will be implementing these skills on Prac!

I wish you all the best as we meet and accept the challenges of this course together.