Baby steps ……

Luckily (for me) Semester hasn’t started yet as I’m still plodding through the Orientation and Week 1 Learning Paths!  To be honest, the language seems almost completely foreign to me and I really feel like I should be back in Kindergarten.

I work best when I can align myself to a set of procedures that need to be carried out and marked off against a checklist.  I realise we do have this to some extent and the Moodle book for setting up our digital tools has been invaluable to me because I have been able to follow the list of instructions.  I’m really hoping that once we start the Semester I will somehow be able to functionally use these tools and develop a better understanding of how I might apply them in the Special Education context.


One thought on “Baby steps ……

  1. I’m hearing you Sue. I like the list of things to tick off too, actually I love lists because it really gets me motivated to get things done. I’m looking forward to applying my ICT skills in the classroom because I can see first hand how intrigued and engaged the Preps are that I work with the minute the Interactive Whiteboard is turned on.


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