How experience can limit my ability to incorporate ICTs

“I need to become a creative and effective user of ICT prior to using it, to enhance and transform student learning”.  Apparently!!  No, no, I really do agree but I’m still trying to work myself up to it!

Unfortunately, my limited experience with ICTs seem to disadvantage me in my ability to devise appropriate ways to incorporate them into my planning.

The school I currently work in (for the past 8 years) are well-resourced with Mac computers, class sets of iPads and IWBs but unfortunately, they are used sparingly.  Our internet is very slow and sometimes non-existent making it very difficult for the teachers I work with, to plan successful lessons for our students.  Probably the iPads are used most extensively and have been loaded with some great educational apps.  The IWBs are certainly not used effectively (interactively) as they were most likely intended and are mainly used to play youtube clips etc.  This could likely explain my limited exposure to the wonderful capabilities for teaching and learning using ICTs in classrooms!

On my last prac (at a special school), the IWB was used extensively and I was amazed at the way it engineered some fantastic interaction between staff and students through cause and effect situations.  The children loved it!

For my next prac I hope to use some of this technology in my lessons and have the children motivated and eagerly waiting for their “turn”.


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