Learning with Technology

For Week 2 of this course, we have been shown some examples of ICT for learning.  At first, I found it a little difficult to see where the tools used in special education really fit because as yet, at the school I work in, most Teachers actually don’t use much ICT in the classroom so it was only on my last prac, where I was blown away by the impact IWB activities had on the children with special needs!

David directed us to a Google spreadsheet of ICT innovations organised around the eight learning themes discussed in the Decoding Learning Report (2012).  We were asked to look closely at the innovations to consider which ones we found most interesting.  From a special education perspective, I considered number 145 an interesting tool, where a variety of ‘Lifelog’ tools are used to capture people’s experiences for later reflection.  The tools (usually a wearable digital camera and GPS) are used to sequentially and automatically (hands-free) capture the activities that the wearer engages in and provides time-stamped locations of these events.

Unlike James, I found this to be immensely interesting for the special education context.  James felt this innovation may not be very useful in an educational setting, but I have to disagree.  Many of the children I work with on a day to day basis, have great difficulty recollecting or being able to verbalise what they had for breakfast, let alone what activities they may have engaged in over the weekend.  I believe that this innovation would enhance communication through the provision of pictures taken on the camera to assist the child to reflect on an activity and be able to share their experiences with peers. It could also be useful for writing journal entries/blogging!  In addition to this, I also believe it would be very useful in the home context to be able to share with parents the activities the child has engaged in throughout the day and again, stimulate conversation through recollection.  I think you would definitely avoid the one word answers – “How was your day?”  “Bad”.  “What did you do?”  “Nothing”.


One thought on “Learning with Technology

  1. love this Blog Sue, i agree with you about the “lifelog tools” especially after seeing the Sunday Footyshow where Ben Elias’ interview showed his greatest moment was when his mother who has Dementia was shown a clip on the big screen of Ben with blood all over his head and on her face after a state of Origin win, Mrs Elias after years of not remembering much, remembered this moment as if it had just happened. My dad has Alzhiemer’s and i too have moments that are few and far between where he remembers things. I do believe i will be taking my ipad on my next visit to show him playing the piano and other moments with the family.
    thank you for your blog


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