My concept map for why I would use ICTs in Special Education

Who knew?

I can’t believe I’m thinking it, let alone writing it ………. I have just had a bit (a big bit really) of ICT  F-U-N!!!!  I actually used  a wonderful tool called Text2Mindmap to create a concept map for why I would use ICTs in special education.  It has been something I have been working on all week, considering the use of ICTs in special education that is, as well as in preparation for Assignment 1.   My concept map illustrates my ideas at the moment but I truly expect it to grow and change as my experience and learning develops as well.

Many of my peers have posted their concept maps on our forums, Anna used in her on-campus tutorial to create her concept map and like myself, hadn’t ever heard of before this course.  Unfortunately I think she didn’t have as much fun as I did though.  Sandy used EDraw software to prepare her concept map, which turned out beautifully (I must say) fulfilling one of her goals to try out new software.

I’ve included my concept map below.



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