A clever technology provided by volunteers!

At a time when bad things are happening all around us in the world (I’m specifically thinking of Australians on death row – I can’t seem to get this out of my head) as well as natural disasters and terrorism, it’s always heartening to hear a story that restores your faith and delivers hope.

Such a story came to my attention today.  When looking through my Facebook, a friend had shared a story about a little boy who had been born with a left arm and only part of his right arm.  His loving parents found out about e-NABLE, a community of international volunteers  who design, develop and produce 3-D printed arms using 3-D modelling software for anyone who needs one.  The personalised arm (Limbitless Arm) for this little boy contained all the sensors and electronic components (at the small cost of only $350) and his mother reports that it has completely changed his life.  I’m sure there are many more medical technologies which are equally exciting as this, but I just love how these are developed by VOLUNTEERS!  Wendy had mentioned about her own son who is deaf, and her personal wonder at the way technology has advanced to such a point that his new hearing aids will be hardly noticeable.

I just felt this was such a beautiful story and I wanted to share it with you.

Please read more about this little boy, Alex Pring here.


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