A couple more useful sites

Over the years, I have saved many sites which I have stumbled on that I believe may be of use to me in the future.  Like Amanda and Emma there are many sites we turn to for resources and information, so I thought I would contribute another two to our growing list of helpful websites.

The first site I would like to draw your attention to is one which I have subscribed to now for some time.  The Watson Institute provides special education tips, advice and resources (they have great social stories and visuals).  I receive a daily “Teacher Tip of the Day” in my email and it simply gives a brief, useful piece of advice – today’s one was about avoiding meltdowns.

Another site I like is Brisbane Kids.  This site is an on-line community that provides frequent, helpful information about parenting, activities, gives reviews, details of child-friendly events in and around Brisbane as well as other general information for anyone who takes care of children.  I think it would be useful in future planning for class outings etc.


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