Back again!

Well my blog has been looking rather sparse for the past few days, it’s not just me though, I think we’ve all been busy working on our Assignment 1 artefact.

I know I felt a great sense of relief when David sent out the blog reports last week showing I had at least met all the requirements for the Module 1 learning path and blogs.  Apart from trying to make some headway with the artefact, I had to have some surgery last week, so this kind of compounded my disinterest in blogging, mainly due to “anaesthetic brain”.  I think I was still trying to assimilate all of the Week 3 information and apply it to images and clips I found that may be useful for the assignment.  I definitely know I wasn’t alone.  Amanda and Brooke both mentioned their confusion as well!

I’m pleased to say, I’ve almost completed the assignment and hopefully managed to correctly attribute images and YouTube clips demonstrating Professional Standards for Teachers 4.5 (Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically).  If I actually haven’t done this correctly and you happen to notice an absence of blogging from me – at least you’ll know where to find me.

P.S.  Please don’t worry about sending me a cake with a file in it – just send pizza and wine (lots of it) – I could do with the holiday!


3 thoughts on “Back again!

    • Hi Sue, hope your surgery went well and you are on the mend…
      Although I had a sticky beak at the blogs, I have not posted anything during the week … like everyone else I was busy with the assignment (and another one due as well…). I know what I’ll be doing on the weekend!

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      • Thanks Beata. Just a skin cancer in a tricky place on my face and had to have a skin graft. I’m devastated, but really hope there is time for healing before prac!!


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