Thinking about RAT

When considering the RAT framework in the Week 3 learning path, our attention was immediately drawn to two primary objectives:

  1. What are the children and teachers doing with the ICT?
  2. What quality of learning is being enabled by the use of ICT?

These questions encourage deep reflection by us, as future educators, to truly evaluate why we will incorporate an ICT into a lesson.  I’m afraid I have a confession to make …….

I am guilty of not maximising the capabilities of ICTs that are available.  Although only 4 weeks into this course, my eyes have really been opened to so many wonderful options available and the possibility of extending their use based on the RAT framework.  I’m afraid that I have used the IWB as a mere projector screen, but this is most probably due to my limited experience with it as well as the fact that I don’t yet fully understand what they are capable of in terms of “transforming” my lessons.

Kate mentioned the importance of reflecting about the usefulness of our ICT choices before and after a lesson, as a way of checking that students will actually engage with the lesson content rather than just using the ICT as a “time-filler or reward”.
Hopefully on this upcoming prac I will make use of the opportunity to learn more about designing purposeful learning experiences to transform and inspire the children.

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