Assignment 1 artefact: Completed!

Our assignment 1 task required us to create an online artefact that would be suitable for parents to view, explaining why, how and what ICTs we will use in our class to improve student learning.

I created a website using and sourced images and video clips from YouTube and Flickr via Search Creative Commons.  I also included a piece of background music on one of the pages, sourcing this too, through SoundCloud in Creative Commons.  Admittedly, my personal ICT skills are still “developing” but I feel quite proud of my little website although I am sure it could have been more creatively presented with a bit more “advanced” ICT skills.  I take some comfort in feeling that parents may not wish to be dazzled by my ICT prowess but rather discover the simple facts of why, how and what ICTs I will use with their precious child, free of the “edu-jargon” that can frequently accompany these types of explanations.  In the real world, I would provide parents with a link to this website either by email or Welcome Note sent home in the first weeks of the school year.

Here is the link to my online artefact.


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