Mmmmm. Bliss! Straddie!

So after a busy term at school we always look forward to our Easter break – 2 whole weeks!  Every year, my family and I have a week on Stradbroke Island at Easter time, camping in the beautiful campground at Amity Point.

IMGP5447_main-beach by RaeAllen, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  RaeAllen 
This tradition started probably 6 years ago and one where many favourite family memories have been made.  Since commencing my study 3 years ago, I usually have to continue working on assignments while we are here but manage to play most of the day and do some work after dinner at night.  So now, Easter Sunday, this is the first opportunity I’ve really made myself sit down and check in with Uni emails and blog posts creating a personal hotspot from my mobile phone – even being able to access internet in this way is new to me.
Initially we thought we would be in for a wet Easter, but we have had three glorious days so far.  Back soon – more happy memories to make.

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