U.S. Future of Education?

I came across an interesting article this morning titled U.S. Department of Education:  The future of education includes video games in classrooms.  Initially, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this particularly in light of the article citing research that reveals many students today spend as much time playing video games as they do attending school (apparently about 10, 000 hours of gaming by the time they finish high school).  At the risk of sounding “old-school”, I realise I am actually surprised by this!

The article provides details of an upcoming Games for Learning Summit to be held in New York where organisers hope to find new ways to develop and distribute “engaging and educational video games to classrooms”.  More than anything else, I guess this course has drawn my attention to some really great technologies that can be used in classrooms to amplify and transform learning in very innovative ways, but I must admit to feeling a little bit apprehensive about the way this is headed.

I know there are countless games, webquests etc out there which are really useful tools for learning that really do motivate and encourage students (Iknow, I’m searching for them for my assignment!) but I think that for me, as a future educator, I hope to find a delicate balance of teaching through the use of technologies as well as through the use of hands-on, real-life learning with children interacting with each other sharing learning experiences together, inside AND outside the classroom.

I DO sound old, don’t I?


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