iPads for education

My husband bought me an iPad around 2 years ago and (being me) was a bit wary of it to start with.  Now, I love it, and it is rarely far from me.  Amongst other things, I have installed many educational apps, stories and songs on it and have found it to be a very valuable tool when I have been on pracs.  Many of the students I work with also own iPads, mainly used for games, but several also use it as a tool for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).  I began wondering about the benefits of iPad use in education and found this blog by Ashley Wainwright entitled 8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education.

The blog cites a variety of studies which show the positive benefits of iPad use on students and teachers.  It seems that right across the board from Kindergartners  to university medical students, iPad technology in the classroom can be a powerful learning tool for learning and comprehension.

In my upcoming prac, I don’t actually know what ICTs will be available to use but I really hope at the least, the students will have access to iPads to enrich the lessons I will deliver.


3 thoughts on “iPads for education

  1. I wouldn’t even have a clue how to turn an iPad on 😦 I’ve had a Samsung tablet for the last couple of years and only use it to upload photos on when I’m on holidays to back them up and to read uni course modules offline while I’m traveling too and from work…

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  2. Haha. I’d be the same with your device! I have some great apps for fine motor activities, easy readers, some lovely video clips of songs about feelings, days of the week, Jolly Phonics, story book readings by famous people etc. I use these all the time at work, so hopefully if the school I go to for prac has limited ICT type resources, then I might use my own iPad as a “station” for say, literacy or numeracy rotations. I’m beginning to worry what ICT I can bring to a special education setting!


  3. Definitely! I think part of it, for younger kids, is the novelty. I think they see the iPad as a fun toy of sorts, so it engages them. Sneak in a fun, educational app in front of them and they’ll be learning without even realising it!

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