Just Google it!

I guess this could become an easy catchcry for many teachers but I hope this doesn’t become a ‘go to’ response I will ever use.

Another blog I have come across called Avoiding “Just Google it!” with your students by Connected Principals encourages teachers to think about how they use technology in their classroom, specifically in relation to student inquiry.  This piqued my interest considering I am asking students in my unit plan to search for web-based information, images and videos as part of a science inquiry.  The blog shows a very brief video which really highlights how “just Google it” is not a helpful response to give.  As future educators, it can sometimes be possible to assume that as students today have grown up with today’s technology, they would automatically know how to do online research.
Until I started this degree, I didn’t really have much experience in online research but thankfully it is a skill which I have quickly acquired although it wasn’t a skill I was specifically taught.  This blog suggests that in order to teach students to search effectively on the web, teachers need training to fully understand how to use search engines.  In addition to this, teachers can provide students with structured inquiry tasks to develop skills for searching on the web.
Some useful tips I will include in my unit plan.

One thought on “Just Google it!

  1. Glad you found the post useful and thank you for sharing what you got out of it. I am assuming that you are undertaking your teacher training, so good luck with it.

    Connected Principals is a great site that I contribute articles to along with other Principals from around the world, so just follow along and you will find some gems to support you with your practice. My blog can also be accessed at http://richardbruford.com – feel free to share with your peers. All the best.

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