How do I feel about Prac?

Good question!

Luckily, I have barely had time to give it the consideration it deserves, but like liv1609 I admit to feeling some apprehension too.  This apprehension stems from a couple of sources – from within me (my ability to integrate ICT for young students with multiple impairments) as well as external to me.  This is a return placement (I’m doing Special Education) and I organised it with the school before I finished up with them last time.  I sent all of the required paperwork in to the Professional Experience Office in February (even before this semester had started) comforted by the knowledge it was a return placement and I had it completely sorted.  The school have already allocated me a class.  I’ve met the students.  I’ve been in email contact with my Mentor ……..  Now, today even, while checking InPlace, I still don’t have a placement – not even “coming up”!  I am completely devastated by this and it only adds to the stress levels that I can’t even talk to someone in the Professional Experience Office until Monday.  I have a meeting with my Mentor on Monday afternoon to work out the finer details.

I feel confident that I have done everything physically possible to establish a successful prac, but I just feel so let down and pretty insignificant.


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