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Another branch on my ICT learning journey has grown tonight as I completed the Connect.ed series of four on-line training modules.  These have been designed for teachers to help students stay safe online.
These professional development modules are intended to provide teachers with the knowledge, confidence and resources to educate students about a range of cyber safety topics.  A range of resources are freely available from Cyber[smart] and include a variety of virtual classroom experiences  and lesson plans specifically developed for different age groups across primary and secondary years.
I was quite interested in one of the aspects covered in Module 3 where it was discussed that although there hasn’t been a test case yet in Australia, as teachers, our duty of care can extend to outside of school hours.  Sandy also picked up on this theme in her blog as well.  I don’t know about you, but this SCARES me!!  In the school context, I can educate and prepare my students for safety on-line, but am I to be held accountable for their on-line behaviours outside of school?  Hopefully, they too, will transfer their knowledge of digital citizenship and safety on-line wherever they go.

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