The word is out!

So the cat’s finally out of the bag!  The word is out!  The much anticipated notifications have been received (apparently a few of my peers are still waiting and I just feel so sad for you).  Today, many of us found out where we are going to be teaching for our next professional experience, less than one week away!  Luckily for me, I had a return placement and the school notified me of my mentor and class a little while ago.

Last week I had a meeting with my mentor and spent a couple of hours in the class getting to know the students.  I must admit, I feel quite anxious as the year level is way out of my comfort zone but my mentor seems very supportive.  I expressed my concerns to her about how I could incorporate ICTs into this diverse group of six students with multiple impairments as she reassured me that anything I could do would be useful.  An article on Edutopia, 3 Tips for Integrating Tools at the Start of School offers some sound advice for incorporating technology.  This is particularly useful for this context – to realise that “not all tools are going to end up as big winners”.  That made perfect sense to me and I felt it take away some of the pressure I had placed on myself.  The article supports what we have been told all along and that is, that we should be constantly evaluating all the technologies we use in the classroom – to make sure we are using them to their best advantage – to create a better learning environment for our students.


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