It’s a bit of a mindshift

As this is a return placement for me, I was definitely under no illusion that this was going to be an easy prac!  I am thoroughly enjoying working with these little ones (four to seven year olds) much more than I ever thought I would but I’m actually struggling with the planning required for these beautiful children.  As they all have an intellectual impairment I have struggled a little finding just the right approach and activities to best suit their needs and meeting the requirements of Early Childhood practices.
Using their individual goals, I have been able to develop engaging activities (not really with much ICT included) but always with deep consideration of how having an intellectual disability affects learning.  I’m really learning so much on this prac about the impact of intellectual disability and it has really broadened my personal knowledge.  Although I work with children who have an autism spectrum disorder on a daily basis, few of the children I usually work with have an intellectual impairment as well so I am really valuing this opportunity.
As the days of prac go on and I am feeling a bit more tired, I think I will start dreaming of lying about on a couch like Sandra watching silly rubbish on TV and probably not even taking any of it in!!

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