Time to reflect …..

So, I’m very close to completing Assignment 3 for this subject and I can almost taste the end of this very busy semester!
We have been asked to deeply reflect on our prac experiences and evaluate how we were able to incorporate ICTs in our teaching.  I have found this to be quite a difficult process (I think I’m very overtired with little left to give this semester) but have tried to take the recommended time to reflect on how I went and work out what actions I need to take to improve for next time.
A common catchcry in education revolves around being a reflective practitioner so I tried to think about what this might mean to me.  I think it requires more than just thinking about what went well or not, but more about actually taking the action next time – what changes do I have to make in my practice to be even better for my students next time?
Something to think about a little more with a chilly wine and a tasty cheese on our well-deserved uni break!
All the best everyone.

Teaching the Concept of Sharing

Sharing Flavored, Colored Ice by clappstar, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License   by  clappstar 
So while on my recent placement at a special school, my mentor asked me to prepare a sequence of lessons to be given individually to s student who has big difficulties with sharing.  I was really pleased to be able to do this as I have a little repertoire of social skills lessons “up my sleeve” and was quickly able to plan these lessons.
I searched for some appropriate songs and videos (to incorporate the use of ICTs) and downloaded these on to my iPad.  For the first lesson, although the student didn’t know me very well, she was very willing to participate due to having 1:1 adult attention and the irresistible lure of my iPad!  Together with a variety of resources I had prepared and a conversation script to invite another friend to play, my mentor was very excited with the progress the student had made over the course of three weeks.  A little success, for me.